Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 2, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ROSEMARY MAHONEY, DOWN THE NILE — When Napoleon's soldiers, who had never seen a photograph..., rounded a bend and caught sight of the Temple of Karnak for the first time, they were so moved by the marvelous sight that they burst into spontaneous applause.

Clues and answers

A.Craft operated alone in Egypt by this quote's authorROWBOAT
B.Cleopatra's Needle, for oneOBELISK
C.Egyptian pole-and-bucket device for raising waterSHADOOF
D.State of balance, nautically (2 wds.)EVENKEEL
E.First capital of ancient EgyptMEMPHIS
F.Toward the back of a feluccaASTERN
G.Good thing for a hull to beRUSTPROOF
H.Sound of piratical revelry (hyph.)YOHOHO
I.Did a navigator's jobMAPPED
J.Defeater of Antony and CleopatraAUGUSTUS
K.Like the Flying Dutchman, per legendHAUNTED
L.To extremes; no longer on deckOVERBOARD
M.From Aswan to LuxorNORTH
N."The Boy King," for TutankhamenEPITHET
O.Guys who really need to learn the ropesYACHTSMEN
P.Whom Charon ferried across the AcheronDANTE
Q.Away from the beachOFFSHORE
R.Make too soggy to sailWATERLOG
S.Work that may require an anchorNEWS
T.A wake, for instanceTRAIL
U.Queen of Egypt whose husband was Thutmose IIHATSHEPSUT
V.Number of rowers in a varsity shellEIGHT
W.Pea jacket's typical colorNAVY
X.How experts in bathymetry study things? (2 wds.)INDEPTH
Y.Units of distance in a regattaLENGTHS
Z.Group of nine, as an Egyptian pantheonENNEAD
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