Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 18, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


KEN CHEN, CITY OUT OF BREATH — If an American city at night is film noir, then Hong Kong is just a camera blur. The residents of Kowloon speed around as if irked at their bodies for not being cars. You feel that you have no other choice but motion.

Clues and answers

A.Movement upon stimulationKINESIS
B.Hustling and bustling; full of pepENERGETIC
C.An alkaloid stimulant craved by its usersNICOTINE
D.Another alkaloid stimulant craved by its usersCAFFEINE
E.Cheap, noisy bar with blues or country music (hyph.)HONKYTONK
F.Expressing or exciting the feelingsEMOTIVE
G.One rejecting all values and beliefsNIHILIST
H.Shared land, as in an urban areaCOMMONS
I.Dazed, confused, lost (3 wds.)INAFOG
J.Thrown away; verbally scathedTRASHED
K.Who said "When you come to a fork in the road, take it" (2 wds.)YOGIBERRA
L.Followers of Theodoric the GreatOSTROGOTHS
M.Poison ivy's toxic oilURUSHIOL
N.Accessories for mall shoppersTOTES
O.Hastily; without preparation (3 wds.)ONTHEFLY
P.Much ado about nothingFOOFARAW
Q.Hubbub, rumpus, tumult, ballyhooBROUHAHA
R.French poet who wrote "A Season in Hell"RIMBAUD
S.Orbiter the naked eye can't seeELECTRON
T.De facto capital of Cote d'IvoireABIDJAN
U.The lack of any moral compassTURPITUDE
V.Man + woman + sombrero + guitar? (2 wds.)HATDANCE
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