Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 15, 2009

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


N[UALA] O'FAOLAIN, ARE YOU SOMEBODY? — I walked around Dublin... like a spy behind enemy lines. ... I would... stop to look at... a horse and cart..., a woman calling down from a window, a butcher emptying a basin of pink water into the gutter. No one sees a child watching.

Clues and answers

A.Early TV cop show with Lt. Dan Muldoon (2 wds.)NAKEDCITY
B.Word of gratitude, often said after "much"OBLIGED
C.Airline self-labeled "a whole different animal"FRONTIER
D.Francophone farewell (2 wds.)ABIENTOT
E.Artistic decoration with piercings or gapsOPENWORK
F.Novel inspiring films of 1962 and 1997LOLITA
G.Oscar Wilde, in relation to Trinity CollegeALUMNUS
H.Secured, according to a cliche (3 wds.)INTHEBANK
I.Seinfeld's "sworn enemy"NEWMAN
J.Asian "tree of heaven" with foul-smelling flowersAILANTHUS
K.Healing process after a disasterREGROWTH
L.Term like pompom or murmur (2 wds.)ECHOWORD
M.Urban neighbor of Ann Arbor, Mich.YPSILANTI
N.Get around, militarilyOUTFLANK
O.Into the teeth of the gale, at seaUPWIND
P.Carelessly, with little heed paidSLAPDASH
Q.Daughter of Tethys, in mythOCEANID
R.Tug of baseball who said "Ya gotta believe"MCGRAW
S.Format, as electronic dataENCODE
T.Ancient home to Hesiod and PindarBOEOTIA
U.V = IR, in physics (2 wds.)OHMSLAW
W.Motion tracked by a gyroscopeYAWING
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