Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 12, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


EDNA O'BRIEN, DOWN BY THE RIVER — [T]he road runs in a long entwined undulation of mud, patched tar and fjords of green, the ... flowers ... in full regalia, ... foxglove ... lordliest of all, the big furry bees nosing in the cool speckled recesses of mauve and white bell.

Clues and answers

A.Hapless hunter of "Merrie Melodies" (2 wds.)ELMERFUDD
C.Goatsucker with a chirring songNIGHTJAR
D.Deucedly, extremely (hyph.)ALLFIRED
E.Marsupial with an opposable toeOPOSSUM
F.Victim of a notable 1950 heistBRINKS
G.Fast-breaking style of basketball offense (hyph.)RUNANDGUN
H.The Monitor or the Virginia, e.g.IRONCLAD
I.Cajun crayfish stewETOUFFEE
J.Farcical Broadway hit by Michael Frayn (2 wds.)NOISESOFF
K.One photo finish result (2 wds.)DEADHEAT
L.Coiner of the term "doublethink"ORWELL
M.Determinant of color in opticsWAVELENGTH
N.Posh section of San Francisco (2 wds.)NOBHILL
O.Puffed out, as a hairstyleBOUFFANT
P.Despicable coward (2 wds.)YELLOWDOG
Q."___ everybody, but cut the cards" (Finley Peter Dunne)TRUST
R.Follower of the Cyrenaic school of philosophyHEDONIST
S.Radical action to protect the environmentECOTAGE
T.Double-breasted jacket; jointREEFER
U.Divination text based on pairs of trigrams (2 wds.)ICHING
V.Base for the House of HapsburgVIENNA
W.Earl executed under Elizabeth IESSEX
X.Congressional voting method (2 wds.)ROLLCALL
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