Acrostic Solution for Sunday, March 1, 2009

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


TOM VANDERBILT, TRAFFIC — In ancient Rome, the... traffic grew so intense that Caesar, the self-proclaimed curator viarum, or "director of the great roads," declared a daytime ban on carts and chariots, "except to transport construction materials..."

Clues and answers

A.Awkward extra on a date (2 wds.)THIRDWHEEL
B.Like a sign at an intersectionOCTAGONAL
C.Car of the Year award giver (2 wds.)MOTORTREND
D.Person who might be in an R.V.VACATIONER
E.Hammer, in CB useACCELERATOR
F.Detroit in a musical settingNATHAN
G.Scene in which miniature cars could appearDIORAMA
H.Way out of the flow (2 wds.)EXITRAMP
I.Take an up-front position (2 wds.)RIDESHOTGUN
J.Police setup that might block a fugitiveBARRICADE
K.Essential for winter drivers in the North (2 wds.)ICESCRAPER
L.What you might hang in a vehicle (2 wds.)LEFTTURN
M.Hit the hornTOOTED
N.Originally, drivers of oxen- or mule-drawn wagonsTEAMSTERS
O.Abundant, teemingRIFE
P.Creators of some jamsACCIDENTS
Q.One's pals in a hot rod? (2 wds.)FASTCOMPANY
R.Dead pedal, for oneFOOTREST
S.Being conveyed from one place to another (2 wds.)INTRANSIT
T.Quick study in demolition-derby driving? (2 wds.)CRASHCOURSE
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