Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 9, 2003

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


B(ETTYANN) H(OLTZMANN) KEVLES, NAKED TO THE BONE — [S]ubjects of... [the earliest photographic] portraits look frozen, like children playing "statues." "People posed, and... sitters may have felt that, rather than help capture an instant of time, they had been asked to hold time still.

Clues and answers

A.Book, movie, TV series and Oscar-winning song (2 wds.)BORNFREE
B.What's called a "bottom drawer" in Britain (2 wds.)HOPECHEST
C.Historical romance by Robert Louis StevensonKIDNAPPED
D.Busy U.S.-Mexico border crossing (2 wds.)ELPASO
E.Plymouth model of the 1960's and 70'sVALIANT
F.Protein-rich soup and salad ingredientsLENTILS
G.Not given to much cogitation (hyph.)EMPTYHEADED
H.Harmon Killebrew's original teamSENATORS
I.Essential details (hyph.)NITTYGRITTY
J.Rapt with attention (2 wds.)ALLEARS
K.Broadway musical set in BaghdadKISMET
L.Lasting only one day, as mayflies, e.g.EPHEMERAL
M.Introduction to some unwelcome news (2 wds.)DEARJOHN
N.Uncle Remus "Brer" who gets the best of Brer RabbitTERRAPIN
O.Not visible; fantastic (3 wds.)OUTOFSIGHT
P.1966 hit for Frank Sinatra (2 wds.)THATSLIFE
Q.Interval between adjacent keys on a piano (2 wds.)HALFSTEP
R.Stoic who said "Silence is safer than speech"EPICTETUS
S.Comic role for Willard Scott, among othersBOZO
T.New wave's antithesis (2 wds.)OLDSCHOOL
U.Bird that goes down tree trunks headfirstNUTHATCH
V.Catwoman portrayer on TV's "Batman" (2 wds.)EARTHAKITT
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