Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 8, 2004

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


BILLY COLLINS, PIANO LESSONS — My teacher... tells me... every scale has a shape/ and I have to learn to hold/ each... in my hands./ I practice with my eyes closed./ C is an open book./ D is a vase with two handles./ G flat is a black boot./ E has the legs of a bird.

Clues and answers

A."Magnificat" composerBACH
B.What Nabokov called "svelte stilettos of a frozen stillicide"ICICLES
C.Marshal, sheriff or constableLAWMAN
D.Romantic pursuits (2 wds.)LOVELIFE
E.Sad song first recorded on June 14, 1965YESTERDAY
F.Musical piece typically played with two fingersCHOPSTICKS
G.Show including the song "I Cain't Say No"OKLAHOMA
H.Specialty of W. S. Gilbert of Gilbert and SullivanLYRICS
I.Roue's less-than-noble qualityLECHERY
J.Filled with animalistic ardor (2 wds.)INHEAT
K.Messed around instrumentallyNOODLED
L.Gun duel at high noon, for exampleSHOWDOWN
M.Garden plots; electrical connections; pieces of cloth with military insigniaPATCHES
N.Ignore the score?IMPROVISE
O.Group with the #1 country hit "Love in the First Degree"ALABAMA
P.Ancient Arab kingdom whose capital was PetraNABATEA
Q."Awake and Sing!" dramatist, 1935ODETS
R.Start of a trickLEAD
S.Key count for the author of this puzzle's quotation (hyph.)EIGHTYEIGHT
T.Female soloist with the multiplatinum albums "Diamond Life" and "Promise"SADE
U.1971 Oscar-winning song with the line "Shut your mouth!"SHAFT
V.Side of a coin that bears the principal stampOBVERSE
W.Detroit of "Guys and Dolls"NATHAN
X.Quire membersSHEETS
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