Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 7, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


WYNTON MARSALIS, (MOVING TO) HIGHER GROUND — The rhythm guitar... plays every beat as if to remind us, "Here's home."... [T]he rhythm section's like a trampoline: Stiff but springy, it lets everyone... jump around and have a great time. Too stiff or... soggy, and we have a bad time.

Clues and answers

A.Quite a tongue-lashing (2 wds.)WHATFOR
C.Island birthplace of Alexander HamiltonNEVIS
D.First-rate, bang-up (hyph.)TOPFLIGHT
E.Costume; group of workersOUTFIT
F.Inclined to rain on a paradeNEGATIVE
G."Suits" for execs, or "brass" for officersMETONYM
H.Harmonious state, concordAMITY
I.Witty give-and-take, banterREPARTEE
J.The Superdome, for oneSTADIUM
K.Stop talking like a pirate?AVAST
L.Lack of vigor; malaiseLETHARGY
M.Covering many or all important points of a subject (hyph.)INDEPTH
N.Pinniped with ear flaps (2 wds.)SEALION
O.Like a crowd made mute with aweHUSHED
P.Forerunner of plastic as a key materialIVORY
Q.Cabin warming option (2 wds.)GASHEATER
R."Cross my heart and hope to die!"HONEST
S.Biblical figure who went up to heaven in a whirlwindELIJAH
T.Catch often served blackenedREDFISH
U.Score ornaments such as appoggiaturas (2 wds.)GRACENOTES
V.Change for the betterREFORM
W.Adipose in the extremeOBESE
X.Parvenu; leap suddenlyUPSTART
Y.Self-interested letters of oppositionNIMBY
Z.Process for making planks or paper; go ashoreDEBARK
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