Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 6, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


CATHY DAY, THE CIRCUS IN WINTER - The elephant's trunk — part nose, part hand — ... [is] a versatile appendage which could also be... cowboy lariat, swath-cutting scythe, showman's hook, flyswatter, trumpet, crane, or... a billy club capable of knocking the wind out of a man.

Clues and answers

A.Sound of cymbals; group of rhinosCRASH
C.Ringmaster's accouterment (2 wds.)TOPHAT
D.Mark Twain's hometown on the MissouriHANNIBAL
E.Wide open, like a chasmYAWNING
F.City in the MetroplexDALLAS
G.Period called Sextilis in ancient RomeAUGUST
H.One unlikely to keep a secretYENTA
I.Creator of the Republican party's symbol (2 wds.)THOMASNAST
J.Canopied seat on the back of a beastHOWDAH
K.Longtime clown in "The Greatest Show on Earth" (2 wds.)EMMETTKELLY
L.Talk in a friendly, idle manner (3 wds.)CHEWTHEFAT
M.Asimov story collection made into a blockbuster movie (2 wds.)IROBOT
N.Town at the tip of the Cape Ann peninsulaROCKPORT
O.Percussion instrument with a metallic soundCOWBELL
P.Typical transportation for a clownUNICYCLE
Q.Barnum and Bailey attractionSIDESHOW
R.Pill with antipyretic powersIBUPROFEN
S.Kitchen tool derived from Archimedes' work with leversNUTCRACKER
T.Slender dog bred for hunting and racingWHIPPET
U.Pioneering doo-wop group that sang "The Gypsy," with "the" (2 wds)INKSPOTS
V.Like the Battle of Leyte GulfNAVAL
X.In Genesis, son of a 105-year-oldENOS
Y.Signal of danger ahead (2 wds.)REDFLAG
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