Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 5, 2017

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


GENE WEINGARTEN, THE FIDDLER (IN THE SUBWAY) — I learned... from Dave Barry... one... principle that... I stole... from him... shamelessly... . When asked... whether there are any good rules for writing humor, I say "Always try to put the funniest word at the end of your sentence underpants."

Clues and answers

A.Belabored bit of questionable witGROANER
B.Ball protector used for battingEYELID
C.Kramden's sidekick on "The Honeymooners"NORTON
D.Swarthmore men's Ultimate Frisbee team, chosen for its anagramEARTHWORMS
E.Justify, call for, validateWARRANT
F.Emmy-winning player of a crusty newspaper editor (2 wds.)EDASNER
G.Rarin' to goITCHY
H.Take a sharp turn for the worseNOSEDIVE
I.Tormentor of Odie in the comicsGARFIELD
J.What not to do if called by a panther, per Ogden NashANTHER
K."Lodging" whose intended guests may never leave (2 wds.)ROACHMOTEL
L.Real troupers?THESPIANS
M.English king at the turn of the first millenniumETHELRED
N.Declaration of unsuitedness? (2 wds.)NOTRUMP
O.Three strikes in a row, in bowlingTURKEY
P.Out of control, topsy-turvyHAYWIRE
Q.Item of wear usually covered in fuzzEARMUFFS
R.Adorn, decorateFESTOON
S.Conclusion of the title of this puzzle's source; where buskers often busk (3 wds.)INTHESUBWAY
T.Goofy inventorDISNEY
U.Nonelectric dryer (2 wds.)DISHTOWEL
V.Highfalutin, superciliousLOFTY
W.Political symbol since 1874ELEPHANT
X.Fracas, kerfuffle, hullabalooRUMPUS
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