Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 4, 2018

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ALISON FRANKEL, DOUBLE EAGLE — Coin auctions... are grubby affairs,... populated by unkempt, bespectacled men whispering to one another. They have the feel of a reunion of the high school chess club... they all speak a language not... comprehensible to outsiders.

Clues and answers

A.Sort of writing on a dinar or rialARABIC
B.Set of everyday habits and tastesLIFESTYLE
C.Take a chance on getting a returnINVEST
D.Late-rising lazybonesSLUGABED
E.Make unclear or confusingOBFUSCATE
F.State whose quarter bears the inscription "Gateway to Freedom" (2 wds.)NEWYORK
G.Aquaculture facilityFISHPOND
H.Event connected with karmaREBIRTH
I.Tax-evading inmate of the 1930s (2 wds.)ALCAPONE
J.Form of political corruptionNEPOTISM
K.Alternative to a SEP-I.R.A. (2 wds.)KEOGHPLAN
L.Distinctive period of timeEPOCH
M.Carrier out of Frankfurt AirportLUFTHANSA
N.Enticement for shoppersDISCOUNT
O."Goody!" ... or a 1917 Jerome Kern musical (2 wds.)OHBOY
P.Like a yahoo, lout or boorUNCOUTH
Q.Sauce flavored with shallots and wineBEARNAISE
R.Factor in numismatic gradingLUSTER
S.Collectibles such as tickets and postcardsEPHEMERA
T.Wax rhapsodic or ebullientENTHUSE
U.Time for resolution in a screenplay, typically (2 wds.)ACTTHREE
V.Study leaving no stone unturned?GEMOLOGY
W.Bathroom item that in another form may be cooked and eatenLOOFAH
X.Redcoat's daily pay in the Revolutionary WarEIGHTPENCE
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