Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 4, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ROGER LEWIS, ANTHONY BURGESS — Having proclaimed that there were two thousand songs embedded in the text of Finnegans Wake, Burgess had a piano wheeled into the library so he could... play them all... for the entertainment of tourists and visitors.

Clues and answers

A.Musical performance, usually by a soloistRECITAL
B.What Joyce's "Ulysses" takes place in (2 wds.)ONEDAY
C.Tunesmith whose first hit was "Swanee"GERSHWIN
D.Beckett play featuring Hamm and ClovENDGAME
E.Athlete held back from varsity play in order to extend eligibilityREDSHIRT
F.Shop tool for a furniture makerLATHE
H.Poet who wrote "I loaf and invite my soul"WHITMAN
I.With bottoms up and tops downINVERTED
J.From the land of Linnaeus and CelsiusSWEDISH
K.Rigorous or crucial appraisal (2 wds.)ACIDTEST
L.State whose official flower is the sagebrushNEVADA
M.Competed in the Hambletonian StakeTROTTED
N.Show-offy virtuosoHOTSHOT
O.Affair where everyone's invited (2 wds.)OPENHOUSE
P.1944 play titled "Huis clos" in French (2 wds.)NOEXIT
Q.City rebuilt after 1923's Great Kanto EarthquakeYOKOHAMA
R.Study, as for a paleontology exam? (2 wds.)BONEUP
S.Prop for a filmed dance by Gene KellyUMBRELLA
T.African capital that was once a stronghold for Barbary piratesRABAT
U.Herd : elephants :: tower : ___GIRAFFES
V.Composer who compared bop to "playing Scrabble with all the vowels missing"ELLINGTON
W.Spot on a diamondSHORTSTOP
X.Standard blues style with various temposSHUFFLE
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