Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 3, 2019

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DENNIS BARON, A BETTER PENCIL — Ordinary objects are covered with text. Although few people besides collectors and counterfeiters pay attention to them, there are eighty-one words and twenty-three numbers, including MDCCLXXVI, engraved on a dollar bill.

Clues and answers

A.Write down for the recordDOCUMENT
B.Squeeze out into a certain shapeEXTRUDE
C.Illustrator of "The Yearling" (3 wds.)NCWYETH
D.Magic 8 Ball or Pet Rock, e.g.NOVELTY
E.Symbol for a concept, like an "X" for "not allowed"IDEOGRAM
F.Spun, as a piano stoolSWIVELED
G.Theater depicted on 100-ruble notesBOLSHOI
H.Sign on sheet music for violas (2 wds.)ALTOCLEF
I.Sliding feature of an antique desk (2 wds.)ROLLTOP
J.Place for letters to be sentOUTBOX
K.Goatsucker by another nameNIGHTJAR
L.Tale told on a talk showANECDOTE
M.Sport that made its official Olympic debut in 1992BADMINTON
N.Author who wrote "Cherry cobbler is shortcake with a soul" (2 wds.)EDNAFERBER
O.Single-file entry enforcerTURNSTILE
P.Delivery coming through a tubeTELECAST
Q.One of around 290 works by RembrandtETCHING
R.Set of ancient Sanskrit hymns (hyph.)RIGVEDA
S.Act in the role of a chairPRESIDE
T.Fixer at the unpointed end of a barrel?ERASER
U.Fit to be publicizedNEWSWORTHY
V.Decorative plant holderCACHEPOT
W.Carrying a tab (3 wds.)INTHERED
X.Natural speech generatorLARYNX
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