Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 3, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


HENRI SCHINDLER, MARDI GRAS: (NEW ORLEANS) — It would be hyperbole... to name jazz a child of Carnival; however the joyous license of the music owes more than passing acquaintance to the liberties of Mardi Gras and a population...accustomed to dancing in the streets.

Clues and answers

A.Ring used in some circus acts (2 wds.)HULAHOOP
B.Group of players or vocalistsENSEMBLE
C.Whims; ideas; items in a sewing kitNOTIONS
D.Not strictly on the beat, flexible with the tempoRUBATO
E.Synchronized, as marchers (2 wds.)INSTEP
F.Play an accordion, e.g.SQUEEZE
G.Etouffee ingredient, oftenCRAWFISH
H.Decorative needlework along a borderHEMSTITCH
I.Glitzy show first seen in 1940 in Hershey, Pa. (2 wds.)ICECAPADES
J.Tribe found by French explorers on the lower MississippiNATCHEZ
K.Mexico's national flowerDAHLIA
L.Number for a flame (2 wds.)LOVESONG
M.Gestural performance art sometimes used in education and therapyEURYTHMY
N.Cut loose, kick up your heels (2 wds.)RUNWILD
O.Change keys in the middle of a pieceMODULATE
P.Clifton Fadiman's "banana peel of the parts of speech"ADJECTIVE
Q.Inclined to fantasizeROMANTIC
R.Monthly magazine for fans of bebop, blues, etc. (2 wds.)DOWNBEAT
S.Smasher of idolsICONOCLAST
T.The writing on the wall?GRAFFITO
U.Make merry, revel, carouseROISTER
V.Farthest point in an orbitAPOGEE
W.Canonized warrior who dressed in drag (2 wds.)SAINTJOAN
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