Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 28, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(CHARLES) KURALT, DATELINE AMERICA — The [Minnesota] state seal... should be changed to ice cubes rampant on a field of white, a grinning, barefoot Swede in a... T-shirt riding a snowmobile, and a shivering visitor whose stricken breath is freezing into... crystals.

Clues and answers

A.Advise without consentKIBITZ
B.Fair-minded, even-handedUNBIASED
C.Current-regulating gizmoRHEOSTAT
D.Sudden, overwhelming rushAVALANCHE
E.Truth, or wide acceptanceLEGITIMACY
F.Sully, stain, muddyTARNISH
G.Prepare for an uphill effort?DOWNSHIFT
H.Ben Franklin's "daughter of ignorance"ADMIRATION
I.Subjected to an X factor?TENFOLD
J.Gloaming, twilightEVENTIDE
K.Bound to advance over others?LEAPFROG
L.At fault, guilty, culpable (3 wds.)INTHEWRONG
M.Roald Amundsen or Fridtjof Nansen, e.g.NORWEGIAN
N.Heyday of Pac-Man and Cabbage Patch KidsEIGHTIES
O.Good at picking things upABSORBENT
P.Cold wind in the south of FranceMISTRAL
Q.Practice of making designer babiesEUGENICS
R.Replace an old coat with a new oneREFINISH
S.Figure with 20 facesICOSAHEDRON
T.Viewpoint of Ishmael in "Moby-Dick" (2 wds.)CROWSNEST
U.Chrysotile or crocidoliteASBESTOS
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