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Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 27, 2022

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MIKE BROWN, HOW I KILLED PLUTO--It was... clear that if the asteroids were... schools of minnows swimming among the pod of whales, then Pluto and the Kuiper belt objects were simply a previously overlooked collection of sardines swimming in a faraway sea.

Clues and answers

A.Flat-bodied marine specimen such as an opahMOONFISH
B.Dramatically collapseIMPLODE
C.Sound of a hit in GothamKAPOW
D.Expense for a sci-fi movie's budgetEFFECTS
E.Carrier in the legal professionBRIEFCASE
F.Systems that require trainingRAILWAYS
G.Pair of socks (hyph.)ONETWO
I.People who haven't a chance of winning (hyph.)NOHOPERS
J.Parking place near a stripHANGAR
K.Topless at the lunch table? (hyph.)OPENFACED
L.Words of woeful wondering (3 wds.)WHYOHWHY
M.Verb in a model-building kitINSERT
N.Titular urging in a Porter musical (2 wds.)KISSME
O.Not of high characterIGNOBLE
P.Moving and bending with supple easeLITHE
Q.Bawdy language or behavior LEWDNESS
R.Encryption "machine" of W.W. IIENIGMA
S.Deny any responsibility forDISAVOW
T.Where we may observe our place in the universePLANETARIUM
U.Apollo 13 mate of Haise and SwigertLOVELL
V.Depiction on the flag of Alaska (2 wds.)URSAMAJOR
W.Trial for you and your buds (2 wds.)TASTETEST
X.The solar system's farthest-flung neighborhood (2 wds.)OORTCLOUD
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