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Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 26, 2023

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ERIC) KANDEL, THE DISORDERED MIND -- When scientists looked through their microscopes at brain tissue, they saw a tangled mess that seemed to have no beginning and no end. For this reason,... [t]hey weren't sure there was such a thing as a discrete nerve cell.

Clues and answers

A.Kookaburra or a related birdKINGFISHER
B.Font size apt for box scores or fine printAGATE
C.Collectible for Apis membersNECTAR
D.The fruits of consulting eHarmony?DATES
E.Land "au sud de Qu├ębec" (hyph.)ETATSUNIS
F.Wet body much scrutinized (2 wds.)LOCHNESS
G.Private chat, or a sofa to facilitate it (hyph.)TETEATETE
H.Entertaining woman HOSTESS
I.Take from ignorance to knowledgeENLIGHTEN
J.Handy kitchen items (2 wds.)DISHTOWELS
K.In small increments, as progress might be achieved (3 wds.)INCHBYINCH
L.Order from a friendly shooter (2 wds.)SAYCHEESE
M.Summary or general surveyOVERVIEW
N.Showing team spirit; gung-ho (hyph.)RAHRAH
O.Chinese dish for a small plate (2 wds.)DIMSUM
P.Level of rank in an organizationECHELON
Q.Nickelodeon show about ankle-bitersRUGRATS
R.Gale's place on the Beaufort scaleEIGHT
S."Abbey" home of the fictional Crawley familyDOWNTON
T.Swamp; confusing situationMORASS
U.At neither extreme (2 wds.)INBETWEEN
V.Electrically excitable bodiesNEURONS
W.Topic of a classic Monty Python sketch set in a pet shop (2 wds.)DEADPARROT
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