Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 24, 2013

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(JIM) HOLT, WHY DOES THE WORLD EXIST? — Fred Hoyle felt that an explosion was an undignified way for the world to begin, rather like "a party girl jumping out of a cake."... Hoyle sardonically referred to the hypothesized origin as "the Big Bang." The term stuck.

Clues and answers

A.Hero by another nameHOAGIE
B.Customary haggis ingredientOATMEAL
C.1600s mathematician who invented mechanical calculatorsLEIBNIZ
D.Some toy store displaysTRAINS
E.Struck outWHIFFED
F.Prepare to deliver a wallop; cart away (2 wds.)HAULOFF
G.Terrier type, for shortYORKIE
H.Lexicographer's lot, per Samuel JohnsonDRUDGERY
I.Mental dullness; imperviousness to lightOPACITY
J.Domenikos Theotokopoulos (2 wds.)ELGRECO
K.Made to feel like a nobodySLIGHTED
L.Designed to retain body heatTHERMAL
M.Tree usually found indoors (2 wds.)HATSTAND
N.What an isolated system tends towardENTROPY
O.Gym equipmentWEIGHTS
P.Protest that may be sustainedOBJECTION
Q.Canary, singerRATFINK
R.What the Stoic Chrysippus is said to have died of (alcohol was involved)LAUGHTER
S.It has a head and hops (2 wds.)DRAFTBEER
T.Opting out of a traditional ceremonyELOPING
U.Instrument played by jazzman Red NorvoXYLOPHONE
V."Hmmm ..." (2 wds.)IWONDER
W.Peak visible from Yreka, Calif.SHASTA
X.Fully equipped, ready to operateTURNKEY
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