Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 24, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


STEPHEN FRY, MOAB IS MY WASHPOT — Dale always shouted "Aiee!" when he was in pain. It... amazed me... when I first heard him stubbing his toe..., since I had never imagined that expressions of pain could vary. I... thought "Ouch!" and "Ow!" were the same all over the world.

Clues and answers

A.Utterance of exasperationSHEESH
B.Samosa or empanadaTURNOVER
C.Common sea urchin's genusECHINUS
D."The Knight of the Burning ___" (comedy by Francis Beaumont, ca. 1607)PESTLE
E.Backyard barbecue equipmentHIBACHI
F.Polish-born pianist who won the Avery Fisher Prize in 1979 (2 wds.)EMANUELAX
G.Member of the on-line communityNETIZEN
H.1988 Roman Polanski thriller with Harrison FordFRANTIC
I.Toxic bloom of dinoflagellates (2 wds.)REDTIDE
J.University that includes the Albert Einstein School of MedicineYESHIVA
K.Human friend of Baloo and Bagheera, in KiplingMOWGLI
L.Game played with 51 cards (2 wds.)OLDMAID
M.Frequent fate of those condemned by the Spanish Inquisition (hyph.)AUTODAFE
N.Locale of busy activityBEEHIVE
O."Rich Man, Poor Man" author (2 wds.)IRWINSHAW
P.Party in someone's honorSHOWER
Q.Yacht club facilityMARINA
R."Long-Legged Fly" poetYEATS
S.Wool cloth having no nap; beatWORSTED
T."You said it!" (2 wds.)ANDHOW
U.Massage technique that uses acupressureSHIATSU
V.Mountainous Mexican stateHIDALGO
W.Cartoon character in a perpetual cloud of dust (2 wds.)PIGPEN
X.Hiding from the law (3 wds.)ONTHELAM
Y.Person with white-blond hairTOWHEAD
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