Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 23, 2003

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


LEO ROSTEN, CARNIVAL OF WIT — Groucho Marx offered to write a blurb for a book I was about to publish. ... His comment, verbatim [was]: From the moment I picked your book up till the moment I put it down, I could not stop laughing. Someday I hope to read it.

Clues and answers

A.Hardly a subtle or pleasant raconteurLOUDMOUTH
B.Preserved from oblivion; kept in memoryEMBALMED
C.Make even harder to grasp, as a conceptOBFUSCATE
D.Samurai who has lost his lord and is forced to go wanderingRONIN
E.With condition or alignment kerflooey (3 wds.)OUTOFKILTER
F.Counterscam, tricky reversal (slang)SWITCHEROO
G.Little birdieTOMTIT
H.One with a psi power, like Deanna Troi on "Star Trek: T.N.G."EMPATH
I."It's unimportant, don't give it another thought" (2 wds.)NOBIGGIE
J.Someone who really loves to pack it awayCHOWHOUND
K.Military transport that's treaded and rudderedAMPHIBIAN
L.Author of "Fer-de-Lance" (1934) and "A Family Affair" (1975) (2 wds.)REXSTOUT
M."It'll be fine, don't concern yourself" (3 wds.)NOTTOWORRY
N.Annual sports competition that has been won five times by womenIDITAROD
O.Any of the maidens attending Odin in ValhallaVALKYRIE
P.Like some angles or shortagesACUTE
Q.Indeterminate place between placesLIMBO
R.Gazing at one's navel as an exercise in meditationOMPHALOSKEPSIS
S.Film for which Frances McDormand won an Oscar for Best ActressFARGO
T.Like a hippopotamus's toesWEBBED
U.Piece by Schubert or Chopin suggesting an offhand styleIMPROMPTU
V.Food sold in the form of cakesTOFU
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