Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 22, 2015

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


BETTE MIDLER, A VIEW FROM A BROAD — [T]here were some initial difficulties when the director first told me... that if the film was to have any semblance of reality at all there would have to be moments when other people were on-screen at the same time I was.

Clues and answers

A.Part of life that was of interest to Scouting founder Lord Baden-PowellBOYHOOD
B.Billy Crystal or Whoopi Goldberg, e.g., several times eachEMCEE
C.Work alluded to in this puzzle's quote (2 wds.)THEROSE
D.Poster of a brief messageTWEETER
E.Noted 1940s-'50s first lady, familiarlyEVITA
F.Book relating the parable of the talentsMATTHEW
G.Copy, mimic, parrotIMITATE
H.Jennifer Garner or Brad Pitt featureDIMPLES
I.Machine much used in the suburbs (2 wds.)LAWNMOWER
J.Wax excitedENTHUSE
K.Mark of 2012's "The Avengers"RUFFALO
L.Count portrayed by John MalkovichATHOS
M.Dressing room furniture pieceVANITY
N.Last of six 1964 Beatles chart toppers (3 wds.)IFEELFINE
O.One of the BarrymoresETHEL
P.Hazard of bungee jumping or headbangingWHIPLASH
Q.1985 Chevy Chase comedyFLETCH
R.Herding dog named after a German townROTTWEILER
S.Identity of a personONESELF
T.Ticket stub, signed photo or suchMEMENTO
U.Attention-getting behaviorANTICS
V.Aviator, informallyBIRDMAN
W.Device used in castingREEL
X.N.B.A. Hall-of-Famer RobertsonOSCAR
Y.Party invitation specificationATTIRE
Z.What an extreme daredevil may seem to have (2 wds.)DEATHWISH
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