Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 22, 2004

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(BURKHARD) BILGER, NOODLING FOR FLATHEADS — [H]ow could I miss such a huge fish? A twitch of my... hand solves the conundrum: I can't feel [it]... because my arm is... down its throat. [We]... realize this at... the same time, like stooges backing into each other in a haunted house.

Clues and answers

A.Stanley Cup champions of 1970 and 1972BRUINS
C.Someone halfway out the door? (2 wds.)LAMEDUCK
D.African exporter of bauxite and goldGUINEA
E.Express great admirationENTHUSE
F.Small cinnamon candy (hyph.)REDHOT
G.Mississippi terminus of a frontier trailNATCHEZ
H.The state of being hatedODIUM
I.Lose flexibility; get set in one's waysOSSIFY
J.Serve, as food; give, as advice (2 wds.)DISHOUT
K.Proposition used to prove another propositionLEMMA
L.Communicating (2 wds.)INTOUCH
M.Spiral stairway's central postNEWEL
N.Attribute shared by Lenin and Uncle SamGOATEE
O.Ludicrously circuslike event (2 wds.)FREAKSHOW
P.Mitch Miller, as a musicianOBOIST
Q.Like some dry white wines of GermanyRHENISH
R.Fictional river providing power for the Dorlcote MillFLOSS
S.Comprehensible to non-engineers (hyph.)LOWTECH
T.Disorder often triggered by allergensASTHMA
U.Queen of the fairies; moon of UranusTITANIA
V.Dull as dishwater (hyph.)HOHUM
W.Under a rapturous spellECSTATIC
X.Book of Zoroastrian scripturesAVESTA
Y.Knucklehead, numbskullDIMWIT
Z.Color of some roofing slate (2 wds.)SEAGREEN
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