Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 20, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ISAAC) ASIMOV, MACHINES THAT THINK — Adults have invested endless hours... growing accustomed to inches and miles; to February's twenty-eight days; to... silent letters; to qwertyuiop.... To introduce something... new would mean to... run the old... risk of failing to learn.

Clues and answers

A.Amelia Earhart's Kansas birthplaceATCHISON
B.Accompanied to the exit (2 wds.)SAWOUT
C.Like a soap bubble or a butterfly's wingsIRIDESCENT
D.Imagination (2 wds.)MINDSEYE
E.Metaphysical study concerning the nature of existenceONTOLOGY
F.Kill, as a bill (2 wds.)VOTEDOWN
G.Field of work; strong suitMETIER
H.Inseparable buddy; second self (2 wds.)ALTEREGO
I.Glue holding a team togetherCHEMISTRY
J.Disco dance immortalized by John TravoltaHUSTLE
K.Ruthlessly tyrannical; stingyIRONFISTED
L.Manufacturer of Alpo, Coffee-Mate and Lean CuisineNESTLE
M.Hormone used in treating osteoporosisESTROGEN
N.Animal that keeps things clean?SPONGE
O.Hit from "No, No, Nanette," 1925 (3 wds.)TEAFORTWO
P.German naturalist who gave his name to an ocean currentHUMBOLDT
Q.Water polo, synchronized swimming, etc.AQUATICS
R.Challenge to a puzzle solver (2 wds.)TOUGHNUT
S.Boon to Columbus, and cure for the doldrums? (2 wds.)TRADEWINDS
T.Merchant/Ivory adaptation of an E. M. Forster novel (2 wds.)HOWARDSEND
U."A stiff apology is a second ___" (Chesterton)INSULT
V.Void; render ineffectiveNULLIFY
W.Synthetic fiber said to be five times stronger than steelKEVLAR
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