Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 18, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


HOLLY BRUBACH, GIRLFRIEND — [F]or Carnaval..., there are dozens of cornucopia headdresses bobbing in time to the samba beat... . The fruit is sequined...; the hair is bigger...; the jewelry is clunkier... . Carmen Miranda is cast as the champion of fads in bad taste... .

Clues and answers

A.Devoted to pleasureHEDONISTIC
B.Supplier of large, showy feathersOSTRICH
C.Sexual driveLIBIDO
D.Show with no tomorrow (2 wds.)LASTHURRAH
E.Stranger to Dixieland, maybeYANKEE
F.On the way to becoming a saintBEATIFIED
G.De rigueur companion to rice in Creole cuisine (2 wds.)REDBEANS
H.Displaying no sense of shame; obviousUNABASHED
I.Put under a voodoo spell, perhapsBEWITCH
J.New Orleans's Louis ___ Park, site of music festivals and paradesARMSTRONG
K.Applications for paraders in fancy getupCOSMETICS
L.Braggadocio; jazz and jive (2 wds.)HOTAIR
M.Favorably endowed, as with looks or charmGRACED
N.Ones indulging in drinkIMBIBERS
O.Street forming the French Quarter's northern borderRAMPART
P.Not shrunk (hyph.)LIFESIZE
Q.German festival during the week before LentFASTNACHT
R.Dazzling decorations on performers' costumesRHINESTONES
S.Rio de Janeiro neighborhood adjacent to Copacabana BeachIPANEMA
T.Spicy crayfish stew popular in New Orleans cookeryETOUFFEE
U.Indian tribe that lent its name to a group of annual Mardi Gras revelersNAVAJO
V.Flashy paraders in Rio's pre-Lent festivities (2 wds.)DRAGQUEENS
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