Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 17, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


GEORGE (SESSIONS) PERRY, CITIES OF AMERICA — Wisconsin's politics have traditionally been uproar politics — full of the yammer, the squawk, the accusing finger, the injured howl. Every voter is... full of zeal to get out and nip a little political iniquity in the bud.

Clues and answers

A.Dust Bowl Troubadour of folk musicGUTHRIE
B.Escapees from a mythical boxEVILS
C.Editorial cartoonist PatOLIPHANT
D.Member of a Hindu warrior casteRAJPUT
E.Hawkshaw, sleuthGUMSHOE
F.As a group, all together (2 wds.)ENBLOC
G.Shower that's hot in AugustPERSEIDS
H.Draw out, call forthELICIT
I.Feature of Seinfeld's puffy shirtRUFFLE
J.Our nation, according to Jesse JacksonRAINBOW
M.Poems on pastoral scenesIDYLLS
N.Chaparral or coppiceTHICKET
O.Forming two equal pieces (2 wds.)INHALF
P.Kilt-wearing Greek soldier often serving as a palace guardEVZONE
Q.Flight from one landing to anotherSTAIRWAY
R.Decline to take advantage (of) (2 wds.)OPTOUT
S.True believers, with "the"FAITHFUL
T.Enthusiasm; greedAVIDITY
U.Mythical monster kept in a labyrinthMINOTAUR
V.Barrymore who said "I never let them cough. They wouldn't dare"ETHEL
W."As Time Goes By," to Sam, e.g.REQUEST
X.Pattern of speech peculiar to one personIDIOLECT
Y.Veep under Jefferson and MadisonCLINTON
Z.Evangelistic supporterAPOSTLE
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