Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 15, 2009

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ANITA) LOOS, KISS HOLLYWOOD GOODBYE — I... admired Clark [Gable] for his lack of vanity. .... One day I happened on him at... [a] faucet... where he'd stopped to wash... his denture. Clark grinned, pointed to his... mouth, and said with an exaggerated lisp, "Look, America's thweetheart!"

Clues and answers

A.First call before shootingLIGHTS
B.Dated, demode (2 wds.)OLDHAT
D.Entertainer whose epitaph reads "The best is yet to come"SINATRA
E.Desert by the Aral Sea (2 wds.)KARAKUM
F.Revolt against an occupationINTIFADA
G.Rudolf ___, Austrian philosopher who pioneered eurythmySTEINER
H.Event often involving an umbilical cordSPACEWALK
I.Positive thing to end on (2 wds.)HIGHNOTE
J.Bird symbiotic with rhinos and cattleOXPECKER
K.Purloined; worked out on a NautilusLIFTED
L.Excited people may be in thisLATHER
M.Railroad worker; groundskeeperYARDMAN
N.Maine's state tree (2 wds.)WHITEPINE
O.Ping-resistance measureOCTANE
P.Like some volleyball servesOVERHAND
Q.Feature of many a union suit (2 wds.)DROPSEAT
R.Fuel from partly renewable sourcesGASOHOL
S.Setting for the Sherlock Holmes story "The Man With the Twisted Lip" (2 wds.)OPIUMDEN
T.Able to create anythingOMNIFIC
U.Heavy, useless burden (2 wds.)DEADWEIGHT
V.Film with the theme song "Wind Beneath My Wings"BEACHES
W.Belgian scene of great carnage in 1917YPRES
X.Oscar winner for work in "All About Eve" and "The Sting" (2 wds.)EDITHHEAD
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