Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 14, 2010

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


EDNA O'BRIEN, BYRON IN LOVE — Byron was five feet eight and a half inches in height, had a malformed right foot, chestnut hair, a haunting pallor, temples of alabaster, teeth like pearls,... and an enchantedness that neither men nor women could resist.

Clues and answers

A.Apposite anagram of "tender names"ENDEARMENTS
B.Entertainment from mutual funds (2 wds.)DUTCHTREAT
C.City section bordering Lake Pontchartrain (2 wds.)NINTHWARD
D.Gorgon-headed emblem of powerAEGIS
E.Hub mostly in Cook CountyOHARE
F.City visible from Rachel's TombBETHLEHEM
G.Literary movement embodied by the subject of this puzzle's quoteROMANTICISM
H."The story is extant, and writ in choice ___" ("Hamlet," Act III)ITALIAN
I.Parts of a ushanka or chullo hatEARFLAPS
J.Longtime jazz columnist for The Village Voice (2 wds.)NATHENTOFF
K.Choice at a dinerBOOTH
L.Dialect explored by Leo RostenYINGLISH
M.Perhaps overdoing the school spirit (hyph.)RAHRAH
N.Colloquially, made in an outmoded way (hyph.)OLDFANGLED
O.Volatile solvent from petroleumNAPHTHA
P.Gift fit for a King in Los Angeles? (2 wds.)ICESKATES
Q.Pococurante, having an air of indifferenceNONCHALANT
R.Sort inclined to socialism, say (hyph.)LEFTWINGER
S.Those in a position to keep flies from landingOUTFIELDERS
T.Zealous; passionateVEHEMENT
U.Embrace, make one's own; marryESPOUSE
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