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Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 13, 2022

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ALEXIS) COE, YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST — Washington had a poacher's smile. His dentists took chunks of ivory from hippopotamuses, walruses, and elephants, sculpted them down, and affixed them to dentures... . They filled in any gaps with teeth from less exotic animals... .

Clues and answers

A.Ate noisily, and perhaps with some impatienceCHOMPED
B.Ripe chestnuts? (2 wds.)OLDSAWS
C.Egg-laying mammal of Australia and New GuineaECHIDNA
D.Like a slingshot or dowsing rod (hyph.)YSHAPED
E.Iowa's "City of Bridges"OTTUMWA
F.Rumpled, scruffyUNKEMPT
G.Fast-food chain associated with Coney Island NATHANS
H.Held together with strong glueEPOXIED
I.Indomitable, bold and braveVALIANT
J.Steers clear of, shunsESCHEWS
K.Endangered coyotelike canine (2 wds.)REDWOLF
L.Flood from a spring thawFRESHET
M.Counted as a regular employee (2 wds.)ONSTAFF
N.Slack; calmRELAXED
O.Shine with a pearly radianceGLISTEN
P.Hard, lustrous coatsENAMELS
Q.Disperse, become more sparse (2 wds.)THINOUT
R.Language whose writing contains no capitalizationYIDDISH
S.Creature whose name may be shortened by dropping the first letterOPOSSUM
T.Go into overdrive, maybeUPSHIFT
U.Take it from the top, scene-wiseRESHOOT
V.Possible lead-in to "Here I come to save the day!" (2 wds.)FEARNOT
W.Base for an artificial crownIMPLANT
X.Characteristic of hip-hop and Cockney slangRHYMING
Y.Displaying a stiff upper lipSTOICAL
Z.Gustav Klimt painting popular as a dorm room poster (2 wds.)THEKISS
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