Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 13, 2011

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(AMY) STEWART, FLOWER CONFIDENTIAL — From... one lily, you can learn... about how flowers are made. Its anatomy is right there, out in the open — there's no need to go hunting around between crumpled petals to find a stamen or a stigma the way you might with a rose.

Clues and answers

A.Big and bold; attention-gettingSHOWY
B.Scottish national emblemTHISTLE
C.Pleasingness to the earEUPHONY
D.Hopeful as a swain; suppliantWOOER
E.Houseplant with a striking spathe and spadixANTHURIUM
F."I Can't Stop Loving You" singer, 1962 (2 wds.)RAYCHARLES
G.Process of cultivationTILTH
H.Soft spot in a neonate's skullFONTANEL
I.What Vishnu is often depicted atopLOTUS
J.Instrument played with all four limbsORGAN
K.Shriveled, as from a lack of moistureWITHERED
L.Surround with greeneryEMBOWER
M.Passionate, sizzling (hyph.)REDHOT
N.Name connected with a crime on February 14, 1929CAPONE
O.Hummingbird attractor also known as bee balm (2 wds.)OSWEGOTEA
P.Seed from whose aril mace is madeNUTMEG
Q.Fragrant bloomer with a long vase lifeFREESIA
R.Place taxonomicallyIDENTIFY
S.Jay's obsession in "The Great Gatsby"DAISY
T.Coconut meat, in botanical termsENDOSPERM
U.Automaton too tiny to see with the naked eyeNANOBOT
V.Dance whose name is a letter in the phonetic alphabetTANGO
W.Up close and personalINTIMATE
X.Blue bloomer in many a rock gardenAGERATUM
Y.Lepidopteran with green wings (2 wds.)LUNAMOTH
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