Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 13, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DAVE BARRY TURNS FORTY — It's not easy to maintain a high Romance Quotient ... over long periods.... Even Romeo, if he had spent enough time under the balcony gazing up worshipfully at Juliet, would eventually have noticed her protruding nostril hairs.

Clues and answers

A.Sound formed by syneresis, as the "oi" in "join"DIPHTHONG
B.Jacques Cousteau's invention of 1943AQUALUNG
C.Derived from sulfuric acid; bitterly scathingVITRIOLIC
D.1847 poem subtitled "A Tale of Acadie"EVANGELINE
E.Detailed plans; cyanotypesBLUEPRINTS
F.Winner by bribery of a classical beauty contestAPHRODITE
G.Hockey position; conservatives (2 wds.)RIGHTWING
H.Where King John signed the Magna CartaRUNNYMEDE
I.Actor-singer in "The Wages of Fear" and "Z" (2 wds.)YVESMONTAND
J.Employed some nippersTWEEZED
K.Farthest point (2 wds.)ULTIMATHULE
L.Engage in horseplayROUGHHOUSE
M.Descriptive of a working stiff's job (hyph.)NINETOFIVE
N.Bivalves with edible adductor musclesSCALLOPS
O.Beethoven's op. 77, for oneFANTASIA
P.Divination through interpretation of dreamsONEIROMANCY
Q.Reddish-violet form of garnetRHODOLITE
R.Harmless-looking but destructive computer program (2 wds.)TROJANHORSE
S.Hit from 1934's "Anything Goes" (3 wds.)YOURETHETOP
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