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Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 12, 2023

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


SUSAN MILIUS, SCIENCE NEWS -- Plants invented "steamy but not touchy" long before the Victorian novel -- much flowering, perfuming and... green yearning, all without direct contact of... organs. Just a dusting of pollen wafted on a breeze or delivered by a bee.

Clues and answers

A.Meant to be olfactorily stimulatingSCENTED
B.Boost for a paragliderUPDRAFT
C.Unflappability, aplomb (hyph.)SANGFROID
D.Hormone connected with hair lossANDROGEN
E.Fictional sleuth with a passion for orchids (2 wds.)NEROWOLFE
F.White Burgundy from a grand cru vineyardMONTRACHET
G.Confidential; cozy; bosomINTIMATE
H.Common start of a one-two combo (2 wds.)LEFTJAB
I.Elaborate, complex; having a relationshipINVOLVED
J.Loosen up, in a way; start to take offUNBUTTON
K.Book genre for independent problem-solvers (hyph.)SELFHELP
L.Person living alone, in Bridget Jones's worldSINGLETON
M.Suitor's pursuitCOURTING
N."West Side Story" number sung by Maria (3 wds.)IFEELPRETTY
O.Star-orbiting crewENTOURAGE
P.1948 Nat King Cole hit about a sort of proto-hippie (2 wds.)NATUREBOY
Q.Round Table codeCHIVALRY
R.Shelter, as with tree branchesEMBOWER
S.U.S. state with the lowest average annual rainfallNEVADA
T.Subject dealing with habitats and biodiversityECOLOGY
U.Crackling with excitement and action (hyph.)WHIZBANG
V.Skill of Don Juan or CasanovaSEDUCTION
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