Acrostic Solution for Sunday, February 12, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(MARTHA) BARNETTE, A GARDEN OF WORDS — The anth- in... anthurium... means "to bloom."... The Greek word for "flower," anthos,... gave us one of the loveliest of English words, anthology, which literally means a "gathering of flowers," or "garland" — a literary bouquet, if you will.

Clues and answers

A.Fellows in a flockBRETHREN
B.1932 #1 Louis Armstrong hit with the lyric "Take my arms, I'll never use them" (3 wds.)ALLOFME
C.Congenial sign-offREGARDS
D.Helen Thomas or Nellie Bly, e.g.NEWSWOMAN
E.Herbal folk remedy for ocular woesEYEBRIGHT
F.Maize flour flatbreadTORTILLA
G.Ganache-filled confectionsTRUFFLES
H.1912 Peace Nobelist who was once a secretary of war (2 wds.)ELIHUROOT
I.Connected with love, romanticAMATORY
J.Short, bearded and wearing a pointy red hat, sayGNOMISH
K.Voyager/adventurer of mythARGONAUT
L.Not very refined (hyph.)ROUGHHEWN
M.Talk show that ran for 29 yearsDONAHUE
N.Leaving room for doubt; ambiguousEQUIVOCAL
P.Son or daughter; limbOFFSHOOT
Q.Post-"Dr. Strangelove" film of 1964 (hyph.)FAILSAFE
R.Tire seen on a Packard, perhapsWHITEWALL
S.Toon with a brother named Castor (2 wds.)OLIVEOYL
T.Take a fresh look atRETHINK
U.Out-and-out, utter, rankDOWNRIGHT
V.Pastry sold at a ChristkindlmarktSTOLLEN
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