Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 8, 2019

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(SABINE) HOSSENFELDER, LOST IN MATH — Kepler, in later life, became convinced that the planets play music along their paths. In his... book "Harmony of the World" he derived the planet's tunes and concluded that "the Earth sings Mi-Fa-Mi." It wasn't his best work.

Clues and answers

A.Two-Pinocchio (but not a four-Pinocchio) claim (hyph.)HALFTRUTH
B.Person or thing standing in the wayOBSTACLE
C.Strong on the offbeatSYNCOPATED
D.Luna's Greek counterpartSELENE
E.Founder of The Boring Company (2 wds.)ELONMUSK
F.Chowderhead, birdbrain, doltNITWIT
G.Cow; alarmFRIGHTEN
H.Celestial; high in the heavensEMPYREAN
I.What Jimi Hendrix used to strum (2 wds.)LEFTHAND
J.Female leader of a Scout group (2 wds.)DENMOTHER
K.Geologically active moon of SaturnENCELADUS
L.Enumeration of connected thingsRECITAL
M.Mark resulting from suction (2 wds.)LOVEBITE
N.Interval between frequencies with a 2:1 ratioOCTAVE
O.Goes for a basket; new branchesSHOOTS
P.Blind prophet given a sex change by HeraTIRESIAS
Q.North Sea port since Anglo-Saxon timesIPSWICH
R.Diner figure in an Edward Hopper paintingNIGHTHAWK
S.Benoît ____, "fractalist" featured in the film "Clouds Are Not Spheres"MANDELBROT
T.B's neighbor on the lower side (2 wds.)ASHARP
U.Business-oriented laptop created by IBMTHINKPAD
V.Paul ____, composer of a 1957 opera about the subject of this puzzle's quotationHINDEMITH
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