Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 7, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


TIMOTHY EGAN, (THE) WORST HARD TIME — When the dust fell, it penetrated everything: ...nose, throat, kitchen, bedroom, well. ... The eeriest thing was the darkness. People tied themselves to ropes before going to a barn just a few hundred feet away, like a walk in space... .

Clues and answers

A.Scourge of the Great PlainsTWISTER
B.Devote, as time or effortINVEST
C.Type in "Goodfellas"MOBSTER
D.Scold, upbraid, rebukeOBJURGATE
E.Olympic event since 1988 (2 wds.)TABLETENNIS
F.What the Latin word "focus" meansHEARTH
G.Ennui-inducing performanceYAWNER
H.Polk's place in presidential historyELEVENTH
I.St. Louis's arch, symbolicallyGATEWAY
J.Geometric measure of a triangleALTITUDE
K.Source of info on current affairs (2 wds.)NEWSDESK
L.Recreation timeWEEKEND
M.Stored, as a resume (2 wds.)ONFILE
N.Oil rig crew memberROUGHNECK
O.Slender tubes of insulating material that cover bare wireSPAGHETTI
P.Play a pennywhistleTOOTLE
Q.Despised outlaw of the Old West (2 wds.)HORSETHIEF
R.Expert, wizard, mavenADEPT
S.Given a boost in energyREFRESHED
T.The '00s, e.g.DECADE
U.Discuss office matters, say (2 wds.)TALKSHOP
V.Contributing currentINFLOW
W.Producer of "twilight sleep"MORPHINE
X.Slip away, slide byELAPSE
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