Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 5, 1999

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(STEVEN) MILLHAUSER, EDWIN MULLHOUSE — Unlike real life, which presents us with question marks, censored passages, ... asterisks, omitted paragraphs, and numberless sequences of three dots trailing off into whiteness, biography presents an illusion of completeness.

Clues and answers

A.Cosmetics, especially for actorsMAQUILLAGE
B.Mushroom whose gills turn black (2 wds.)INKYCAP
C.Struggle in disagreement (2 wds.)LOCKHORNS
D.Engineer who conceived the Suez CanalLESSEPS
E.Important man, facetiously (2 wds.)HISNIBS
F.Like "time" and "tide," to a poetASSONANT
G.Aristocratic class (2 wds.)UPPERCRUST
H.Honeybunch (2 wds.)SWEETIEPIE
I.Author of "Billy Bathgate" (3 wds.)ELDOCTOROW
J.1981 film with 12 Oscar nominationsREDS
K.Bird bearing coveted plumesEGRET
L.Insomniac's irritantDRIP
M.Destination of a surfer (2 wds.)WEBSITE
N.Isle described by W. B. YeatsINNISFREE
O.To the ___ (smartly)NINES
P.What "outgrabe," according to Carroll (2 wds.)MOMERATHS
Q.In need of groomingUNKEMPT
R.Big moment for NASALIFTOFF
S.Composer of "Baby, It's Cold Outside"LOESSER
T.Remain defiant or inflexible (2 wds.)HANGTOUGH
U.Stealthily, secretly (4 wds.)ONTHEQT
V.Like the rarest of triple playsUNASSISTED
W.Laurel with an aromatic barkSASSAFRAS
X.Jazzman known as "Fatha" (2 wds.)EARLHINES
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