Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 4, 2011

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(RAYMOND) CHANDLER, PEARLS ARE A NUISANCE — He snorted and hit me in the solar plexus. I bent over and took hold of the room with both hands and spun it. When I had it nicely spinning I gave it a full swing and hit myself on the back of the head with the floor.

Clues and answers

A.Red-faced dismayCHAGRIN
B."Alas, poor Yorick!" auditorHORATIO
C.Greatest hits collection, sayANTHOLOGY
D.Huey, Dewey or Louie, in the comicsNEPHEW
E.Inclined not to fightDOVISH
F.Unexpectedly poor showing, e.g.LETDOWN
G.Mrs. Theodore RooseveltEDITH
H.Have an influential effect (2 wds.)RUBOFF
I.Suggested as an explanationPOSITED
J.Where the Eskimos play footballEDMONTON
K.Hose on the short sideANKLET
L.Current through CologneRHINE
M.Generous to a fault, maybeLAVISH
N.Not much of a disguiseSHADES
O.Key favored by Chopin (2 wds.)AFLAT
P.Group-on-group altercationRUMBLE
Q.Lettered item in courtEXHIBIT
R."You can say that again!" (2 wds.)ANDHOW
S.Finishing frame on a diamondNINTH
T.Come to pass, developUNFOLD
U.Target for some thievesIDENTITY
V.Choose not to get up and go?(2 wds.)SLEEPIN
W.Home of the University of GeorgiaATHENS
X.Bird also called a goatsuckerNIGHTHAWK
Y.Sugarcoated fruit or nutCOMFIT
Z.Character of a cultureETHOS
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