Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 3, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE, HIS LAST BOW — His incredible untidiness, his addiction to music at strange hours, his... revolver practice within doors, his weird... scientific experiments, and the atmosphere of... danger... around him... made him the very worst tenant in London.

Clues and answers

A.Having no flaws or weaknesses; invulnerableAIRTIGHT
B.Author of "How the Other Half Lives"RIIS
C.Jean Genet play involving a poisoning (2 wds.)THEMAIDS
D.Guitarist who recorded "Electric Ladyland"HENDRIX
E.England : lion :: Scotland : ___UNICORN
F.Largest of the Dodecanese IslandsRHODES
G.Light and frothy, as with stiffly beaten egg whitesCHIFFON
H.Resonant; bombasticOROTUND
I.Ignorant; agnosticNESCIENT
J.They refuse to bear arms or take oathsAMISH
K.Ancient capital of Assyria with ruins on the TigrisNINEVEH
L.Bumstead's boss in the comicsDITHERS
M. Atypical or unconventional person or thing (3 wds.)ODDMANOUT
N.Go-getting city dwellersYUPPIES
O."Main Street" novelistLEWIS
P.Footprints, gunpowder residue, etc.EVIDENCE
Q.Evergreen shrub with scalelike leavesHEATHER
R.Tasteless; dullINSIPID
S.Critical, uncommitted pollgoer (2 wds.)SWINGVOTER
T.Dog's deliveryLITTER
U. Check the spread ofARREST
V.Suburbanite stereotype (2 wds.)SOCCERMOM
W.Chief of a Scottish clanTHANE
X.Jazz club named for Charlie ParkerBIRDLAND
Y.Pertaining to the sense of smellOSMATIC
Z.Chronicler of the quotation's subjectWATSON
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