Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 29, 2013

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ROBERT COOVER, (Whatever Happened to) GLOOMY GUS (of the Chicago Bears?) — Football is not about violence…, it's about balance. The line of scrimmage is a fulcrum, not a frontier…. The struggle is not for property, it's for… freedom…. Of course, I admit most footballers are probably ignorant of all this.

Clues and answers

A.Mechanical action film title characterROBOCOP
B.1936 musical involving jazz ballet (3 wds.)ONYOURTOES
C.Dark and heavy typeBOLDFACE
D.College group of 538ELECTORS
E.Common problem area for drummers and quarterbacks (2 wds.)ROTATORCUFF
F.Site of a storied showdown in 1881TOMBSTONE
G.Aid for Itzhak Perlman (2 wds.)CHINREST
H.Best a la Br'er RabbitOUTSMART
I.Star arrangement a k a the Three Kings (2 wds.)ORIONSBELT
J.Big Apple neighborhood, with "the"VILLAGE
K.View from Checkpoint Charlie (2 wds.)EASTBERLIN
L.Pursue, try to catch (2 wds.)RUNAFTER
M.Policy of treating the whole world as one's sphere of political influenceGLOBALISM
N.Seducer in Nicholas Rowe's "The Fair Penitent" (1703)LOTHARIO
O.Violation costing five yardsOFFSIDE
P.One who knows Puccini from Ponchielli, say (2 wds.)OPERABUFF
Q.Where wrestling, horse racing and archery are the "three manly games"MONGOLIA
R.Michigan city that shares its name with a modern Greek war heroYPSILANTI
S.Round up; harvest (2 wds.)GATHERIN
T.Sport whose object is to pass into an end zoneULTIMATE
U.Feature of the Heisman Trophy figure's pose (hyph.)STIFFARM
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