Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 29, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


A(RTHUR) KOESTLER, BRICKS TO BABEL — Zen... teaching is... in the form of parables as ambiguous as the pebbles in... [a] rock-garden. ... When a disciple asks "What is Zen?", the... traditional answer is "Three pounds of flax" or "A decaying noodle"... or a whack on the pupil's head.

Clues and answers

A.Founding member of the Group f/64 (2 wds.)ANSELADAMS
B.Year-end festival observed since 1966KWANZAA
C.Curt and cavalier; extemporeOFFHAND
D."Saturday Night Live" tag line delivered by Steve Martin (2 wds.)EXCUSEME
E.Long-necked lute with movable fretsSITAR
F.Apple polishersTOADIES
G.Survival equipment at sea (2 wds.)LIFERAFT
I.Sporting event started in 1927 by a British seed merchant (2 wds.)RYDERCUP
J.Enclosed system supporting lifeBIOSPHERE
K.Big name in BordeauxROTHSCHILD
L.To the max (2 wds.)INSPADES
M.Cheek, effronteryCHUTZPAH
N.Arjuna's advisor in the sacred Hindu text Bhagavad-GitaKRISHNA
O.Jurassic giant with a walnut-sized brainSTEGOSAUR
P.Jazz Age decadeTWENTIES
Q.Island where karate was developedOKINAWA
R.Flower named after a French patron of scienceBEGONIA
S.Escapee from a fiery furnace, in the BibleABEDNEGO
U.Disruptive phenomenon linked to the southern oscillation (2 wds.)ELNINO
V.Form of entertainment that's often psychedelic (2 wds.)LIGHTSHOW
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