Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 28, 2014

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


PAUL MCFEDRIES, WORD SPY — [N]eologisms are often just... fun. What's not to like about a word such as zitcom, a television sitcom aimed at or featuring teenagers? Or consider the torpedo, an inept employee who quits to go work for a rival company.

Clues and answers

A.On the case ahead of timePROACTIVE
B.Buzzing, as social media?ATWITTER
C.Most unusual (a word actually in the Scrabble dictionary)UNIQUEST
D.Nanosecond's rough equivalent (hyph.)LIGHTFOOT
E.1988 Michael Jackson autobiographyMOONWALK
F.Get animated (2 wds.)COMEALIVE
G.Comrades in arms; exhibition soccer matchesFRIENDLIES
H.Endorsement for a paperless office (hyph.)ESIGNATURE
I.Guy trained in the use of T-squares and compassesDRAFTSMAN
J.Zapper for a couch potatoREMOTE
K.Confrontational, provocative (hyph.)INYOURFACE
L.Major source of income for Nepal and EcuadorECOTOURISM
M.Item that may be PhotoshoppedSNAPSHOT
N.Gender-neutral serverWAITRON
O.Person who's easy to grok (2 wds.)OPENBOOK
P.Spent nuke materialsRADWASTE
Q.Prominent part of a vampireDOGTOOTH
R.Decide against a staycation, saySOJOURN
S.Certain white-collar crime (2 wds.)PONZISCHEME
T.Hybrid mind/body fitness regimenYOGALATES
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