Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 25, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


BILL MCKIBBEN, LONG DISTANCE — Snow is an enchantment. It turns the sleek fat: bulbous cars, puffy spruces. It turns the world silent... . It mutes color. ... The Eskimos... may not have fifty-six words for snow, but doubtless they can catalog... that many varieties... .

Clues and answers

A.Sport testing speed and accuracyBIATHLON
B.Neck of landISTHMUS
C."Cast Away" prop (2 wds.)LIFERAFT
D.Soil that makes the Yellow River yellowLOESS
E.Material for a Mountie's fur hatMUSKRAT
F.Under an elevated coverCANOPIED
G.Tough to puzzle out, complicatedKNOTTY
H.Maker of some heavy coats (2 wds.)ICESTORM
I.Crayola hue formerly called CranberryBLUSH
J.Biblical name for sulfurBRIMSTONE
K.Go dormant in the summerESTIVATE
L."All Things Considered," for oneNEWSCAST
M.Temporary downsizingLAYOFF
N.Eruption, riot, upheavalOUTBURST
O.Dairy option for dietersNONFAT
P.Theater where "Wicked" had its Broadway premiereGERSHWIN
Q.Cast-iron kettle with a tight lid used over an open fire (2 wds.)DUTCHOVEN
R.Microchips for cats or dogs, e.g.IMPLANTS
S.What a blanket might provideSECURITY
T.Bill undergoing a sex-change operation?TWENTY
U.Deplorable, nasty, terribleAWFUL
V.Megalopolitan area of the U.S.NORTHEAST
W.Afflicted with strabismus (hyph.)CROSSEYED
X.Discharge from a chimney or tailpipeEXHAUST
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