Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 25, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DEBORAH PAPIER, INSIGHT — For months they have lain in wait,... lurking in... forgotten corners... . [N]ow they are upon us, sodden with alcohol, their massive bodies bulging with strange green protuberances... — there is no escape, it is the hour of the fruitcake.

Clues and answers

A.Food-raising deviceDUMBWAITER
B.Top-to-bottom, altogether (2 wds.)EVERYINCH
C.Factotum at a resort hotelBELLHOP
D.Child; runnerOFFSHOOT
E.Springing back with fresh vigorRENASCENT
F.Saint ___, the first archbishop of CanterburyAUGUSTINE
G.Supercharged, full of energy (hyph.)HIGHOCTANE
H.Immaculate, untouchedPRISTINE
I. Religious piece by Charles Gounod (2 wds.)AVEMARIA
J.Arizona town hosting an annual Cowboy Poets GatheringPRESCOTT
K.Sporting dog called a Modder Rhu in Gaelic (2 wds.)IRISHSETTER
M.Boxing punch delivered to the side of the head with an exaggerated swingROUNDHOUSE
N.Actively being developed (3 wds.)INTHEWORKS
O.Something bound to be used by studentsNOTEBOOK
P.Heliotropic bloomer revered in the Inca EmpireSUNFLOWER
Q.Glacial mass over Greenland and Antarctica (2 wds.)ICESHEET
R.1939 film vaguely based on a Kipling poem (2 wds.)GUNGADIN
S.Like Grand Guignol dramaHORRIFYING
T."Star Search" or "American Idol," e.g. (2 wds.)TALENTSHOW
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