Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 24, 2017

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(PIERS) VITEBSKY, THE REINDEER PEOPLE — Scattered across... Mongolia... stand... stones dating from the Bronze Age... . They are carved with... reindeer... depicted with... neck outstretched and... legs flung out fore and aft, as if not merely galloping but leaping through the air.

Full quote

The association between reindeer and flying is very ancient — much, much older than European or American ideas about Santa Claus. Scattered across the deserts and steppes of western Mongolia and stretching into the Altai Mountains in the west and up to the border of Manchuria in the east, stand ancient 'reindeer stones' dating from the Bronze Age some 3,000 years ago. These upright standing stones are set above graves or surrounded by the remains of fires and sacrificed sheep and horses. They are carved with various animals, but most often with reindeer. On the earlier stones the image of the reindeer is simple, but some 500 years later it has become more ornate. On these stones, the reindeer is depicted with its neck outstretched and its legs flung out fore and aft, as if not merely galloping but leaping through the air.

Clues and answers

A.In heraldry, shown with wings extendedVOLANT
B.Largely treeless northern nationICELAND
C.Moving display featuring small models (2 wds.)TRAINSET
D.Unable to transcend the mundaneEARTHBOUND
E.Poinsettias have small onesBLOOMS
F.Source of "glogg" and "smorgasbord"SWEDISH
G.Unlikely person to excel at jugglingKLUTZ
H.Shaggy-dog story, e.g.YARN
I.Ancient sort of roof constructionTHATCHING
J.Topper for a cold bowlful (2 wds.)HOTFUDGE
K.Suggestive of browniesELFIN
L.Shining example of one turning a flaw into an assetRUDOLPH
M.Dancer's jump with rapidly crossing feetENTRECHAT
N.Labyrinth maker's ill-fated sonICARUS
O.Costume for Ebenezer ScroogeNIGHTGOWN
P.Put ornaments here and thereDECORATED
Q.Residue from a pillow fight, perhapsEIDER
R.Go in search of greener pasturesEMIGRATE
S.Beams overheadRAFTERS
T.Plaster used for lining chimneysPARGET
U.Nod's locale, in the Bible (3 wds.)EASTOFEDEN
V.Maids a-milking, in "The 12 Days of Christmas"OCTET
W.Teachings on teachingPEDAGOGY
X.High rank, exalted positionLOFTINESS
Y.Posited memory imprintENGRAM
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