Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 24, 2006

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DAVID SEDARIS, HOLIDAYS ON ICE — Christmas Eve... was a day of nonstop action... . It was the rowdiest crowd I have ever seen, and we were short on elves... . It was us against them. ... My Santa and I had them on the lap, off the lap in forty-five seconds flat.

Clues and answers

A.Offer as a giftDONATE
B.After a seeming eternity (2 wds.)ATLAST
C.Sugarcoat; superficialityVARNISH
D.Garlanded with green plantsIVIED
E.Consequence of malfunctioning machineryDOWNTIME
F.Tasmania, Chihuahua, Punjab and othersSTATES
G.Lifestyle magazine first published in 1970ESSENCE
H.Nymph chased by Apollo and turned into a treeDAPHNE
I.Overflowing, inundatedAWASH
J.Like an angel's halo or a light displayRADIANT
K.Tagging along behind (2 wds.)INTOW
L."I break for ___ pie" (official Pennsylvania bumper sticker)SHOOFLY
M.Oddjob, to GoldfingerHENCHMAN
N.Supervised, had charge ofOVERSAW
O.Religious service held in December celebrating fellowship and charity (2 wds.)LOVEFEAST
P.Listing in a shopping listITEM
Q.Dancer's partnerDASHER
R.Lingering effect from Krakatoa depicted in Munch's "The Scream"AFTERGLOW
S.Red-berried evergreens with wood suitable for bow-makingYEWS
T.Like some evergreens, to extend their freshness or reduce their risk of catching fireSPRAYED
U.Costume, rigOUTFIT
V."Easy!" (2 wds.)NOSWEAT
X.Songbird that often flocks with bramblingsCHAFFINCH
Y.Something to mark on a calendarEVENT
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