Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 23, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


WOODY ALLEN, SIDE EFFECTS — How did the cosmos originate? How long has it been around? Did [it] begin with an explosion or by the word of God? ... If the latter, could He not have begun it... two weeks earlier to take advantage of some of the warmer weather?

Clues and answers

A.Well adapted for travel in water (hyph.)WEBFOOTED
B.Old Testament's shortest bookOBADIAH
C.Handy items in a hot spot (2 wds.)OVENMITTS
D.In a folksy, old-timey style, as wit or cooking (hyph.)DOWNHOME
E.Great tree at the center of the universe, in Norse mythologyYGGDRASIL
F.Yosemite Park hotel, with an Indian name, that is a National Historic LandmarkAHWAHNEE
G.Member of a great quintet (2 wds.)LAKEERIE
H.Be forgiving; don't bother to comment on something (3 wds.)LETITGO
I.Beleaguered housewife in a 1970s sitcom (2 wds.)EDITHBUNKER
J.1966 Beatles hit from the album "Rubber Soul" (2 wds.)NOWHEREMAN
K.Since 2004, to undermine with smear tactics (hyph.)SWIFTBOAT
L.Song from "Peter Pan" (4 wds.)IWONTGROWUP
M.Faithful listener to radio host Rush LimbaughDITTOHEAD
N.One with few reservationsEXTROVERT
O."No need to elaborate" (2 wds.)ENOUGHSAID
P.Saint's day celebrationFEAST
Q.Wowed by a linoleum job?FLOORED
R.Culmination of runningELECTION
S.Pal; accomplice; group of soldiersCOHORT
T.Rise to a great heightTOWER
U.Kidnap and force into serviceSHANGHAI
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