Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 21, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(OLIVER) PRITCHETT, (THE) DOGGER BANK SAGA — It is surprising that the Impressionists never became involved in the Christmas Card Movement. They remained in a cultural backwater, devoting... their energies towards a form of card known as Blank for Special Messages.

Clues and answers

A.Cranky, easily annoyedPEEVISH
B.Dish in a Thai restaurant (2 wds.)RICEBOWL
C.Temporary, provisionalINTERIM
D.San Francisco's annual Escape from Alcatraz race, e.g.TRIATHLON
E.Mark of distinctionCACHET
F.Last drink of SocratesHEMLOCK
G."Nothing great was ever achieved without ___" (Emerson)ENTHUSIASM
H.Ingredient in chutney and Worcestershire sauceTAMARIND
I.Integrated circuit componentTRANSISTOR
J.Annual sporting event that Russia has won twice since 2000 (2 wds.)DAVISCUP
K.Regulation followerOVERTIME
L.Form a limited partnership? (2 wds.)GOSTEADY
M.Conduit for gossipGRAPEVINE
N.Account for many mortgagesESCROW
O.Note to oneself, maybeREMINDER
P.Bug originating in GermanyBEETLE
Q.Breathing aid for miners (2 wds.)AIRSHAFT
R.Symptom of hypothermiaNUMBNESS
S.Plus fours or bloomersKNICKERS
T.Where Condoleezza Rice taught, 1981-2000STANFORD
U.Engineering feat on the Nile (2 wds.)ASWANDAM
V.Activity for which you may be handicappedGOLFING
W.Bold, pushyASSERTIVE
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