Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 20, 2009

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


ROBERT W. PETERSON, PIGSKIN — [I]n football's early years... vests were worn... tight-fitting... [with] leather straps... sewn to the shoulders like suitcase handles... to help a runner's teammates pull him through the opponents' line, a tactic... permitted by the rules.

Clues and answers

A.Crag called "Six Grandfathers" by the LakotaRUSHMORE
B.Be too good for, put to shameOUTMATCH
C.Clearly unversed in etiquetteBOORISH
D.Narrate creativelyEMBELLISH
E.Cutthroat ... like the Red Sox in 1920?RUTHLESS
F.Having a position of guardian or protectorTUTELARY
H.University of Pittsburgh teamPANTHERS
I.Ornamental strap on a uniformEPAULET
J.Party outside a stadiumTAILGATE
K.Very narrow margin of victoryEYELASH
L.Eponym of a sports journalism award (2 wds.)REDSMITH
M.Instrument used to measure splitsSTOPWATCH
N.Passed with no touchdownOVERFLEW
O.Irritants of the plant worldNETTLES
P.Rooter for one side, zealous supporterPARTISAN
Q.Catch going the wrong way?INTERCEPT
R.Fails, as a business (2 wds.)GOESUNDER
S.Like Peter, Paul and Mary?SAINTLY
T.Vantage point for a nonpaying spectatorKNOTHOLE
U.Predestined, determined by fate (3 wds.)INTHESTARS
V.Draw on Sunset Strip or Bourbon StreetNIGHTLIFE
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