Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 2, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


W. LAMBERT GARDINER, PSYCHOLOGY: (A STORY OF A SEARCH) — A class... conditioned their... professor a week after he told them about learning without awareness. Every time he moved toward the right..., they paid more attention..., until... they were able to condition him right out the door.

Clues and answers

A.Counterfactual premise (hyph.)WHATIF
B.Narrow in scope; having strings attachedLIMITED
C.Sound of sternutationAHCHOO
D.Release from fracking or flatulenceMETHANE
E.Falstaff or Figaro, e.g.BARITONE
F.Puget Sound city with a Boeing plantEVERETT
G.Drunk, in the Outback; punkROTTEN
H.Affecting the style of Mr. ToadTWEEDY
I.Physical rate of change; inclinationGRADIENT
J.Put into motionACTUATE
K.Cause of some traffic delaysROADWORK
L.Vacillate, waffleDITHER
M.Lock, stock and barrel (2 wds.)INTOTO
N.1982-90 sitcom about an innkeeperNEWHART
O.Didactic keyboard pieceETUDE
P.Memoirist with the alias "Joseph Anton"RUSHDIE
Q.Jungian mask or facadePERSONA
R.Midafternoon to midnight, in a factory (2 wds.)SWINGSHIFT
S.World War I female naval recruits, by rankYEOMEN
T.Common use for a wedge (2 wds.)CHIPSHOT
U.Case for a quick-draw artistHOLSTER
V.Cut, left outOMITTED
W.Frequent shop visitor?LEMON
X.Blast beyond a tennis baseline, sayOVERHIT
Y.Discoverer of Io, Europa, Callisto and GanymedeGALILEO
Z.Language heard in Nigeria, Togo and BeninYORUBA
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