Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 19, 2021

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(RALPH) KEYES, (THE HIDDEN) HISTORY OF COINED WORDS — Oliver Sacks was... a connoisseur of eggcorns, including his own. As his hearing declined..., he recorded actual words... and the way he'd misheard them... such as choir practice (for chiropractor)... and "Kiss my feet!" (for Christmas Eve).

Clues and answers

A.*Philip ____, director of 1983's nerve-wrecking "The Right Stuff"KAUFMAN
B.Drink whose name is often mispronouncedESPRESSO
C.Show of grass-roots support for a politician? (2 wds.)YARDSIGN
E.*Act of a rebel-rousing ex-patriot?SEDITION
F.Marx known for sight gagsHARPO
G.Caterpillar with a loopy gaitINCHWORM
H.*Wet one's appetite?SALIVATE
I.Lacking in the diplomacy departmentTACTLESS
J."The Picture of Dorian Gray" writer (2 wds.)OSCARWILDE
K.*Work in overhauls?REMODEL
L.*Where a rabbi might tell old wise tales?YESHIVA
M.*A real trooper?OFFICER
N.*Counter material rarely taken for granite?FORMICA
O.*Pop diva with a pre-Madonna presenceCHER
P.Corsage flowerORCHID
Q.*Having free reign? (2 wds.)INCHARGE
R.*Most important city of East Anglia, for all intensive purposesNORWICH
S.Security for a motorcadeESCORT
T.*Stubby specimen of a doggy-dog world?DACHSHUND
U.Duck related to the gadwallWIGEON
V.*Brownish yellow that might pass mustard as a Tuscan hue?OCHER
W.*Hurdled around an oval, say (2 wds.)RANTRACK
X.*Sick sense?DISGUST
Y.*Brought to a mute point?SHUSHED
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