Acrostic Solution for Sunday, December 19, 1999

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ANNIE) DILLARD, AN AMERICAN CHILDHOOD — How ... gracious is the straight ... girl. She spreads before her friend a gift-wrapped, beribboned gag line he can claim for his own, if only he will pick it up instead of pausing to contemplate what a nitwit he's talking to.

Clues and answers

A.Small shark often seen near shoreDOGFISH
B.Founder of a Mideast kingdom (2 wds.)IBNSAUD
C.Literary device in which an affirmative is expressed by the negative of its contraryLITOTES
D.Show on which Nixon said "Sock it to me" (hyph.)LAUGHIN
E.Invader of the Roman EmpireATTILA
F.Patronizing dismissal (2 wds.)RUNALONG
G.Pass named for an unfortunate pioneer partyDONNER
H.Space shuttle that docked with MirATLANTIS
I.Language of "1984"NEWSPEAK
J.General who defeated Antony and CleopatraAGRIPPA
K.Walk in an affected wayMINCE
L.Low-cholesterol omelet ingredient (2 wds.)EGGWHITE
M."Who Has Seen the Wind" poetROSSETTI
N.Babylonian goddess of love and warISHTAR
O.Make gradual progress; annoying sortCREEP
P.Maxim or proverbAPOTHEGM
Q.Illustrator of juvenile classics (3 wds.)NCWYETH
R.Decorative sunken panel; strongboxCOFFER
S.Poem at the center of a 1950's obscenity trialHOWL
T.Beach town north of BostonIPSWICH
U.Despicable person, guttersnipeLOWLIFE
V.Motorcycle for trail riding (2 wds.)DIRTBIKE
W.1966 title role for Paul NewmanHARPER
X.Award won by Sam Shepard for "La Turista"OBIE
Y.Haughtily distantOFFISH
Z.Ornamental piece of type, in printingDINGBAT
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